How Perspective of Indonesia’s Bebas Aktif to Radioactive

Nuclear power plants. Source:
  • World perspectives on nuclear commodities.
  • Rising energy demand and uranium opportunities in clean energy.
  • Nuclear has what is needed in the era of climate crisis, namely “Clean Energy”.

World’s Perspective to Nuclear Transformation

Sobat EBT Heroes, nuclear is a long-established commodity that became a central issue after the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the past, the world’s view on this sector was its use for war, with security being the most prominent concern. Although currently, the view of nuclear has not changed at the security level, the progress of nuclear for electrical energy needs is becoming increasingly positive.

Nuclear then transforms into an energy commodity, becoming a central staple that sustains the world’s energy dependence, which is on the verge of a climate crisis. The potential role of nuclear in supporting Indonesia’s energy sustainability is currently facing an unclear position because the Renewable Energy (RE) law is still in the bill stage. However, the intention to discuss the RE bill is a step further for the Indonesian Government, showing their serious action towards focusing on this matter. This helps Sobat EBT Heroes Makin Tahu Indonesia in more detail.

Illustration of power plant. Source: Pixabay

Coal, oil, and gas are the most used energy sources globally, with the burning of fossil fuels in electricity production leading to carbon emissions and environmental impacts. Although many types of energy are distributed globally for trade, the most important and significant product by far is oil in the transportation sector, followed by coal in the electrical energy sector.

Understanding the use of fossil fuels in the world’s important sectors helps Sobat EBT Heroes realize how fragile the energy system is. Firstly, in relation to energy being fundamental in the current era, it comes from finite resources, with fossils being non-renewable resources.

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Additionally, long-term use results in a dependency effect that will be very detrimental if steps are not taken to diversify the energy mix. Thirdly, the use of fossils causes damage to the environment in which Sobat EBT Heroes live.

A coal weighs 24,000 pounds, and the energy released by burning that amount of coal is equivalent to the amount of energy North Americans use per person each year on average.1 One gram of uranium is equivalent to 2 tons of coal, and due to its high efficiency, uranium has great potential.2

Nuclear energy is unlike other generating materials that can be disrupted by weather. However, managing nuclear power on a large scale for energy use requires qualified human resources. Indonesia has not yet implemented nuclear power as one of the national energy sources, and the scale of uranium use is still at the laboratory stage for research purposes.

Review of Indonesia’s Nuclear Potential

Nuclear power. Source: Pixabay

Here’s the explanation. Indonesia is a country with abundant natural resources, and energy demand is closely related to economic and population growth. Indonesia experiences economic growth as a developing country and has a growing young population, which is a demographic bonus.

The increase in energy demand necessitates Indonesia to think about its energy future. Nuclear energy is one of the promising options to meet high energy needs while maintaining environmental aspects. Indonesia has vulnerabilities in the environmental sector, which has become an international topic on climate mitigation, with its diverse tropical forests and islands directly impacted by climate change.

The interest in maintaining national energy security and environmental aspects, which are non-military threats, needs to be reconsidered as this sector is widely discussed at the international level.

Indonesia, located in the Ring of Fire, faces challenges in terms of infrastructure security but also provides opportunities for the development and use of earthquake and other natural disaster-resistant technologies.

Does radioactivity have any impact on this sector?

In times of the climate crisis, clean energy is needed, which has a positive impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Another advantage of nuclear energy is the stability of the energy supply, providing energy with higher stability, efficiency, and capacity advantages in electricity generation capacity per unit of fuel burned.

Illustration of nuclear waste. Source: Pixabay

The safety aspect and public perception regarding reactor safety are common obstacles to nuclear development and remain a significant determinant of its existence. Safety in radioactive waste management is also a residual concern affecting challenges in nuclear development.

Regulatory suitability and the readiness of regulations that support the development of nuclear energy and other renewable energy sources still lack a legal framework. Investment and operational costs present financial challenges in the construction and operation of nuclear power plants, which is a central issue closely related to developing countries worldwide, especially in the technology sector and uranium management knowledge.

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The potential of power plants in Indonesia is still a matter of discussion with the existence of the RE Bill. Future perspectives related to the development of nuclear energy are uncertain, but it is undeniable that uranium remains an existing option.

Despite the many positive and negative perspectives on this sector, it cannot be denied that nuclear energy is considered clean energy, even though the exploration process is similar to mineral mining in general.

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