Indonesia Can Play An Important Role In The Energy Mix

Indonesia Can Play An Important Role In The Energy Mix
Energy Transition Index Score in Southeast Asian Countries. Source:
  • The earth has now entered the “Global Boiling” phase and humans need to survive from this catastrophe.
  • Earth depends on economic and environmental perspectives to determine global energy
  • What is Indonesia’s important role? do this country still has the opportunity to play a role?

Is The Earth Still Safe For Us To Live In?

Sobat EBT Heroes must be familiar with the terms global warming, climate mitigation, and energy transition. In fact, currently, the earth has entered into a cycle of a climate crisis. The diction of “Global Warming” has now begun to transform into “Global Boiling”.

The earth that has begun to warm is not just an opportunity for Sobat EBT Heroes to hang the coats. However, this condition also requires Sobat EBT Heroes to activate the air conditioner and survival mode. In that term, now the earth is becoming a more fluctuating environment to live on, and humans need to adapt quickly to survive.

In this moment, the right thing to do is trying to survive. Because more severe conditions will make the basis of life support disappear. Some of the steps taken to keep the earth able to support life are through energy transition. However, some considerations that arise include;

Nuclear Economical Rate Compared to Coal

Hearing nuclear will be synonymous with cutting-edge technology and established infrastructure. Then how about coal? Will Sobat EBT Heroes imagine a steam power plant, electricity, barges, mining, or maybe pollution and global warming?

Coal mineral dumper industry. Source: Pixabay

Nuclear plants are often considered more economical in a time perspective. Long-term lifetime and impact on the environment compared to coal. Although the initial cost of building the reactor infrastructure tends to be high. But the running costs are more efficient with a low recharging period.

Nuclear plants alone can last more than 40 years, while coal requires modernization due to age and technological changes. At the same time, nuclear can significantly produce a more stable and sustainable power source.

How About The Challenge of Waste Management?

Nowadays, environmental effects are one of the economic aspects that are considered while dealing with energy production. Both nuclear and coal have various environmental effects.

Coal has environmentally damaging effects from mining to the process of becoming energy. Likewise, the environmental effect of nuclear is in the process of enriching uranium into energy. Both of these energy sources have the same weakness, namely in the waste sector.

However, nuclear waste has radioactive properties with dangerous levels. It takes years of nuclear waste management to be categorized as safe for the environment.

Coal extraction machine. Source: Pixabay

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The radioactive waste is still one of the burdensome aspects of the overall nuclear presence. As was the case in Japan, dumping radioactive waste into the sea has received a negative response in the East Asian region.

Coal appears to be cheaper in terms of initial investment, as it is easier to build, and the technology is more widespread locally. However, coal has what has been called “a vulnerability to price fluctuations and significant emissions costs”. Not to mention the increasing demand to reduce the carbon footprint further weighs on coal.

Does Indonesia Have an Opportunity To Stop Climate Change By Using Nuclear?

The fact that make Sobat EBT Heroes Makin Tahu Indonesia is this country has enormous renewable energy potential. On the geothermal scale alone, it has enormous potential. In the solar power sector, the potential owned by this country is even able to supply national needs.

Indonesia in the current era in the transitional energy mix sector has what is called a “rich country”. This definition has not changed over the course of the nation’s civilization from the wealth of spices during the Dutch colonial era.

Then the mining era, which is one of the countries with the largest potential gold and coal reserves. Now, in the era of climate mitigation in a world facing a climate crisis, this nation is once again showing its potential.

Illustration of energy transition with a solar panel system as a source of electrical energy at home.

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Indonesia can significantly become a leader in the energy transition. If the RE Bill is passed, Indonesia has enormous potential in the development of RE in Southeast Asia.

Nuclear is a reasonable option and is able to supply the needs of big cities. So, Sobat  EBT Heroes Makin Tahu Indonesia, especially since Indonesia’s uranium reserves are contribute 5% of the world.[1]

Indonesia itself has always actively contributed to nuclear development for peaceful purposes in the activities of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).[2] That is why Indonesia is widely open and can contribute to lowering emissions globally with the nuclear sector.

Indonesia Will Lose It Opportunity If It Does Not Make An Immediate Transition!

Indonesia’s potential in renewable energy must be realized before it falls behind other countries. Renewable energy is an important commodity nowadays, as climate impacts can jeopardize the national energy balance. If Indonesia has a good roadmap and supporting regulations, national energy security will be realized.

The national energy mix is the most telling indicator of a country’s energy security. With the country’s diverse energy sources, the intensity of the influence of changes in the international market system will not have a significant impact.

Indonesia is a rapidly developing country, both in terms of economy, demographics, and energy demand. Correspondingly, energy consumption will increase as the economy improves and as confidence in energy reliability increases.

Therefore, to realize a golden Indonesia “Indonesia Emas” in the energy sector, an energy transition is needed to enrich the energy mix.

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