Small Steps, Big Impact: Increasing Environmental Awareness Starting from Ourselves

Ways to protect the environment. Source:
  • Awareness to protect the environment.
  • The role of individuals in preserving the environment.
  • Impact of environment negligence.
  • Simple steps that can be done.

Environmental awareness is the understanding, knowledge, and consciousness of each individual regarding environmental issues around them. It includes awareness of the importance of preserving ecosystems, protecting natural resources, reducing pollution, and efforts to minimize the negative impacts of human activities on the environment. Is this important? Yes it is. It can improve the quality of life for both the current and future generations, while also building a sustainable and environmentally friendly society.

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The Role of Individuals in Preserving the Environment

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In the face of current environmental issues, we often wonder, “What can we do to improve our environment?”. Many of us often think that our own contribution is too small to make a significant change to environmental conditions. In fact, every action taken by every individual has a direct impact on the state of the planet.

For example, by bringing our own beverage bottles and shopping bags when traveling, we have contributed in reducing environmental pollution generated by plastic waste. In addition, traveling by public transportation or environmentally friendly vehicles, such as bicycles and electric vehicles, is also a significant contribution to reducing air pollution which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

Impact of Environmental Issues

The impacts resulting from environmental neglect is very significant. It can be varied, ranging from climate change, rising sea levels, landslides, forest fires, air, sea, and soil pollution, to the extinction of biodiversity.

According to a survey conducted by Madani Berkelanjutan in 2023, it was found that the most concerning about environmental issue is climate change among young people. Climate change has indeed become a worrying problem due to its increasingly noticeable impacts. A common example is the rise in air temperature, commonly referred to as global warming.

Over the past century, the Earth’s temperature has increased by about 1.18 degrees Celsius. Primarily due to increased human activities resulting in a significant amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Consequently, the increasing level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to the greenhouse effect. It refers to a phenomenon where sunlight that should be reflected from the Earth trapped in the atmosphere because of the carbon dioxide. As a result, the air temperature rises. This is dangerous. If it left unchecked, the polar ice caps could potentially melt, causing sea levels to rise.

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Simple Steps to Preserve Our Environment

Caring for the environment can be done from home. Source:

Various environmental issues can be addressed when all parties, from the government to the general public, synergize to preserve the environment. And it starts from ourselves. Here are the ways we can do to preserve our environment.

1. Reducing plastic waste.

By reducing the use of plastic, we can play a role in reducing plastic pollution. We can bring our own shopping bags and reduce the number of plastic bottles by bringing our own reusable water bottles from home.

2. Understand the types of waste and how to manage them.

Waste comes in various types, such as organic, non-organic, and hazardous waste. Organic waste that can decompose. On the other hand, non-organic waste is difficult to decompose. Lastly, hazardous waste commonly consists of aerosol cans, batteries, and other chemical waste. By understanding the different types of waste, we can manage and dispose of our personal waste better. It is effective to prevent environmental pollution.

3. Save the energy.

By conserving energy, we can significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced by power plants. For example, turning off electronic devices when not in use, turning off lights during the day. Additionally, private vehicles contribute significantly to air pollution, so using public transportation when traveling can reduce air pollution.

4. Support the implementation of renewable energy.

There are many renewable energy sources around us that are much more environmentally friendly, such as wind and solar energy. We can utilize these energy sources in our daily lives, such as using solar panels and wind energy for electronic devices in our homes. In addition, to being more energy efficient, fully implementing and using renewable energy sources will have a very positive impact on the environment, especially in preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Foster and educate those closest to us.

Environmental conservation cannot be effectively achieved if not done collectively. Thus, it is necessary to cultivate a culture of caring for the environment and spreading environmental awareness to those closest to us. It starts by inviting our closest acquaintances to join us in caring for the environment.

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