Micro Hydro Power Plant Development Innovation

  • Innovation of Indonesian Students Studying PLTMH.
  • Building a Micro Hydro Power Plant Prototype.
  • Obstacles and Potential for Building PLTMH.

A micro-hydro power plant is a plant that uses air as the main energy to drive turbines and generators. PLTMH has advantages such as not using fuel oil, so it can save energy and produce a lot of electrical power. River flows have the potential to be a source of water for building MHP. Electricity is one of the important needs of society. Thus, it is necessary to build a micro hydro power plant so that it can meet the needs of the people in Indonesia.

Micro hydro power generation can be said to be an environmentally friendly future technology that helps provide quality electricity. Economic demand is increasing due to the increasing population in Indonesian countries. Building a PLTMH is the right decision for Indonesia, which is rich in natural resources.

Indonesia’s natural resources are one of the richest resources in the world. Indonesia has very beautiful natural resources. The existence of green technology makes it easier for people to get adequate electricity.

Micro Hydro power plants use air to drive turbines and generators. The power that can be produced by a micro-hydro power plant is 5 to 50 kilowatts. In micro-hydro power plants, air energy is converted into electrical energy, which is called kinetic energy. The three main components of a micro hydro power plant are air, turbine and generator. The air that flows with capacity comes from the water level which will be channeled through a swift pipe to the installation house. The higher the air falls, the greater the potential for air energy to become electrical energy.

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Innovation of Indonesian Students Studying PLTMH

The need for electricity in Indonesia seems to be increasing. By all means, innovation is needed in developing micro-hydro power plants. Such as utilizing the potential of abundant water flows in Indonesian countries.

One of the Indonesian students developed a micro hydro power plant while they were carrying out campus activities in a village. In this village, several micro-hydro power plants have been built, with one generator being able to provide electricity for 4 residents’ houses. However, the students thought it was not optimal, so they developed a new innovation in such manner that it could be affordable in many local residents’ homes. In the long run, the students found 15 new places to build potential new micro-hydro power plants.

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Building A Micro Hydro Power Plant Prototype

Micro Hydro Power Plants (PLTMH) are small power plants of less than 100 kW that utilize air power. PLTMH includes renewable energy with clean energy because it is environmentally friendly. PLTMH consists of several components such as a reservoir, filter, pen pipe, main valve, and powerhouse. A weir is a barrier to crossing a river that is built to change the air characteristics of the river flow. The dam will keep the river water flowing. Filters are useful for filtering dirt or rubbish carried in the air so that they can filter out the dirt.

The rapid pipe has the function of channeling air from the river as a channel that leads to the turbine. The main valve functions as an air pressure regulator using the principle of a hydraulic pump. The powerhouse is the home or place for all the equipment in the micro-hydro power plant.

Obstacles and Potential for Building PLTMH

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources, especially rivers. There are many rivers in Indonesia that have the potential to build Micro Hydro Power Plants. According to research, the potential for river flow for electrical energy in Indonesia reaches 75 thousand megawatts. This has made Indonesia innovate in building PLMTH, thereby natural resources can be utilized as best as possible.

The problem with building a PLTMH is that you have to prepare a large amount of capital at the start, of course, even though later the operational costs will not be that expensive. Funds for environmental preservation infrastructure are also needed to build PLTMH so that environmental sustainability is maintained. This indeed requires additional funds to complete. Therefore, before building a micro hydro power plant, you must have a large enough investment so that everything runs well.

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