Mini Class: Pengenalan Green Hydrogen Plant di Indonesia

Flyer Pengenalan Green Hydrogen Plant di Indonesia
Mini Class: Pengenalan Green Hydrogen Plant di Indonesia

Hi, EBT Heroes! ✨

Mini Class Zonaebt hadir kembali dengan topik yang menarik dan tentunya mentor yang berpengalaman.

Berikut Informasi tentang Mini Class Zonaebt:
💡 Pengenalan Green Hydrogen Plant di Indonesia
📅 : 5-6 Juni 2024
📍 : Recording

🎁Benefit yang kamu dapatkan sebagai berikut :
✅Materi dan recording kelas
✅Grup Diskusi

‼️ Harga cuman 119.000 🔥

Kode diskon : ZONAEBT

🗣 Speakers
📌Aloysius Damar Pranadi – Konsultan di Castlerock Consulting

Daftarkan dirimu segera di link berikut ini 👇🏻

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Aloysius Damar Pranadi has 5+ years experience in ASEAN and 10+ years in Indonesia on power sector and renewable energy. Graduated from Master of Energy and Electricity Management in Universitas Indonesia.

Aloysius Damar Pranadi is a competent person with comprehensive background handling top programme in ASEAN: USAID Clean Power Asia, ASEAN Multilateral Power Trade with IEA, ASEAN China Studies and Capacity Building, Korean studies, regional outlook, etc. Through high level communication skills and willing to learn, his extensive network is covering ASEAN government, power utilities, privates and academic experts as well as international organisation like IEA, NREL, IRENA, and country partners.

Aloysius Damar Pranadi has interests in Energy Economics, Energy Management, Energy Policy and Research, Power Economics, Renewable Energy, Solar PV.

Three words to describe Aloysius Damar Pranadi: Passion, Action and Best.

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