Post ESG PROJECT CARBON green jobs

Kualifikasi Umum:

• Strong business acumen and adaptability to navigate uncertainty while effectively balancing corporate goals with practical solutions.
• A solid grasp of the Energy Transition Landscape, understanding of CCS, NH3, and H2 market dynamics.
• Demonstrated leadership qualities.
• The capability to drive corporate-level change and influence senior stakeholders.
• Effective communication skills, fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
• The ability to build deep credibility through trust, consistency, and strong interpersonal skills.
• International experience is essential for this role.
• Experience with Credit Carbon System, MRV System,Validation and verification Meteodology an Tool Carbon.
• Experience with project carbon resigtrasion in Verra/CDM/Gold Standar will be poin plus.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan:

• Identifying promising low carbon solutions across various sectors, with a primary focus on CCS, and considering H2, NH3, and Biofuels. • Monitoring and managing Project carbon Greenhouse gas. • Exploring mergers and acquisitions as an alternative for developed solutions. • Being the main contact for the division customers and partners. • Using policies, support, and technologies to create a compelling business case. • Representing the company in trade associations and government advisory roles, while collaborating with P&GA for advocacy efforts.

Deskripsi Usaha:

Korindo is an international group of companies with multi-business in wide variety of products. The management is led by professional managers who are nationals from many countries. Having its headquarter in Indonesia, it has heavy industry production plants in Spain, France, Germany and many industrial plants in Indonesia ranging from wood chip, palm oil, newspaper to special-purpose vehicles and wind towers. Most of its products are exported to many countries worldwide with the support of sales offices in five major Buyer countries in Seoul, Tokyo, Hongkong, Los Angeles and Jeddah.

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