Technical Manager for Solar PV Project

PT HME is looking for a driven and experienced Technical Manager.

This role involves combining technical expertise with management skills and experience to effectively direct and coordinate a team of technical professionals in the world of Green Photovoltaic energy.

Leadership: You profile yourself as the leader of the team and act as the coordination point. You are, as it were, “the spider in the web” who directs the activities of individual team members and the team as a whole.

Composing: You put teams together optimally, so that they can achieve the best results. You have extensive PV installation experience, which is necessary to achieve optimal results.

Team effectiveness: You deploy people and resources in such a way that the objectives are achieved and you have direct contact with the PT HME management.

Team organization: You divide tasks within the team and coordinate individual activities.

Safety: Safety laws always come first and you adhere to all guidelines related to a safe working environment for everyone involved.

Language: You speak both the Indonesian and English languages.

Essential: Experience, self-insight, feedback and clear leadership are essential for this competency. Dare to ask for feedback in your working environment and remain consistent in your management. You are in close contact with project developers. Partly for this, English language and writhing skills are a requirement. Having a vision, delegating, presenting, coaching and managing for results are important skills that apply to a successful Technical Leader.

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT HME (Hijau Makmur Energi) focuses on project recruitment in the PV sector with the necessary technical development, permits and options. HME supplies and installs both 100% Capex and 0% Capex PV installations and works closely with investors and prominent project developers.

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