Electrical Engineer


  • Possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering or a related field.
  • Have a profound understanding of electric power techniques, including three-phase LV, MV, distribution systems, and protection systems.
  • Experience in using PV Simulation Software such as Helioscope, PVSyst, Homer, as well as proficiency in ETAP and AutoCAD.
  • Possess a basic understanding of engineering principles, particularly in electrical principles (IEC, PUIL/SNI, IEEE, NEC, etc.).
  • Strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Conduct on-site surveys and assessments to determine project requirements.
  • Design, calculate, simulate, and specify the Solar Power Plant system based on project needs.
  • Compile Bills of Materials (BOM) and Bills of Quantities (BoQ) for the Solar Power Plant System.
  • Perform quality and performance analyses on the Solar Power Plant system to ensure safety and optimal performance.
  • Carry out testing and commissioning activities for the Solar Power Plant system.
  • Define and review customer Request for Proposal (RFP) and technical requirements.
  • Continuously improve design and work methods to enhance efficiency, reduce lead time, and achieve cost savings.
  • Develop engineering design and installation guidelines to ensure high- quality installation and operation of the Solar Power Plant

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Dago Engineering is an engineering company which is established in 2006. We have the capabilities to give engineering consultations and services to clients. Today, we focus on the capitalization of the IT Solution & Renewable Energy sector through profitable businesses and could accommodate the goals that want to be reached by our partners and clients.

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