Build a Strong Strategic Partnership: UPC Sukabumi Bayu Energi and PTPN VIII Extend the Cooperation Agreement and Mutually Seek Sukabumi Wind Farm Capacity Quota of 150MW

Build a Strong Strategic Partnership: UPC Sukabumi Bayu Energi and PTPN VIII Extend the Cooperation Agreement and Mutually Seek Sukabumi Wind Farm Capacity Quota of 150MW

Bandung, March 4, 2023 – Located at the PTPN VIII Bandung Office, UPC Renewables and PTPN VIII signed an extension of the cooperation agreement for the development, construction, and operation of Wind Power Plant (PLTB). This collaboration is related to PTPN VIII’s land use, located in Afdeling Ciemas, Kebun Pasir Badak, Sukabumi Regency as the location for the proposed 150 MW Sukabumi wind farm.

This collaboration will provide benefits not only for PTPN VIII and the Regional Government by optimizing existing land assets but will also become a driving force for the local community’s economy through the development of an integrated adventure tourism centre with Ciletuh Palabuhanratu UNESCO Global Geopark (CPUGGp) which can be realized through the construction of a 150MW Sukabumi wind farm. 

Director of PTPN VIII, Didik Prasetyo said, “Through the signing of this cooperation agreement extension, I encourage the capacity of Sukabumi wind farm to be increased to 150MW. The project in the Pasir Badak plantation, Afdeling Ciemas will be an economic drive to the surrounding community as well as PTPN VIII. The principle of this cooperation is mutually beneficial and potential income increasing through optimizing PTPN VIII’s land assets. After the feasibility study has been completed, I will encourage stakeholders, particularly the Ministry of SOEs, to approve this priority project.” 

The 150MW Sukabumi wind farm project has been designated as a Strategic Project for West Java Province and is one of the Priority Infrastructure Projects (P1) in the Presidential Regulation number 87 of 2021 concerning Acceleration of Development in the Rebana Area and the Southern Part of West Java.

COO of PT UPC Renewables Indonesia and Director of UPC Sukabumi Bayu Energi, Dacre  Purchase went on to say, “Post the pandemic, the demand for renewable energy electricity in the West Java electricity grid has increased exponentially, including from Microsoft and Amazon and numerous other high MW usage Data Centres, as well as the JISC Jatiluhur Industrial Area. As this power demand increases, especially for Renewable Energy, the capacity of the Sukabumi wind farm Project needs to be at least 150MW installed capacity – and that can only supply c 30% of the demand. Fortunately, the wind resource in this specific location affords opportunities for 100MW plus of future expansion also.”

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The 150MW Sukabumi wind farm project is part of the MOU signed by UPC and PLN in 2015 witnessed by President Joko Widodo; also in 2018, during the inauguration of the 75MW Sidrap wind farm, the first wind farm in Indonesia, was built and is operating by UPC, the President again announced his support for the Sukabumi wind farm project through his official YouTube.

PLN’s RUPTL has allocated a total wind farm capacity quota of 260 MW for the Western Java region which can be filled by the 150 MW Sukabumi Wind Farm project; ready to advance to the financing and construction stage as early as 2023.

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