Teknis and Operasi

Kualifikasi umum

• Pria
• Sehat jasmani dan rohani
• Pendidikan Min. SMK jurusan Teknik
• Berpengalaman/Non Pengalaman
• Bersedia untuk bekerja lembur/shift
• Disiplin
• Dapat berkomunikasi dengan baik
• Domisili Area BALI
• Deadline : 30 Jun 2022

Deskripsi usaha

The Company’s business concept is focused on the solution and distribution of Liquefied Natural Gas for the customer located far from gas source and out of gas pipe distribution area.LARAS ENERGY strategy begins with identifying regions in Java and Bali that demonstrate an acceptable method of distributing LNG. The commercial screening process involves identifying area where the legal, market and commercial environment is favorable and acceptable.Our commercialization is driven by the need to clean, efficient and safe energy in Hospitality Industry, in the region of West Java and Bali, and in implementing the development, extension and optimization of the LNG reserves in Indonesia.

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