Jr. Field Monitoring Officer

Kualifikasi umum :

– Bachelor’s degree in environmental science/ biology/ forestry/ geology/ related disciplines ispreferred.
• Ability to collect field data following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You’ll be responsiblefor accurate and consistent data collection, helping us make informed decisions based on reliableinformation.
• Resilience and adaptability. Field Camping Ability: Be prepared for immersive fieldwork! Our projectsmay require extended periods of camping in remote locations.
• Proficiency in using tablets for data collection is a must.
• Familiarity with relevant software and apps will empower you to efficiently record and analyze fielddata.
• Previous experience working in peat swamps is a significant advantage. These unique ecosystemsrequire specific knowledge and skills.
• Ability to pilot drones, understand regulations, and process drone-acquired data will be an asset.

Deskripsi Pekerjaan :

-Oversee field teams on the installation of dip wells throughout the SMPP project area that followsthe VCS PDD.
• Oversee field level data collection from the dip wells on a regular basis as required by the VCSPDD. Ensure proper data chain of custody and upload data to the project’s database.
• Reports technical work directly to the project’s VCS technical team.
• Support the coordination of the above ground biomass assessment in 2020.
• Oversee Weather Data Collection.
• Conduct Drone Surveys at set locations as per the VCS PDD monitoring plan.
• Ensure Forest Patrol Reports are collected and uploaded into the project’s database.
• Any other tasks assigned by the Team Leader or Supervisor.

Deskripsi usaha :

Forest Carbon restores degraded wetland forests. Our company is a premium restoration project developer in Southeast Asia that delivers benefits for local communities, biodiversity and investors through a proven business model.Forest Carbon’s team brings a track record of success and a decade of experience, from mapping wetlands and assessing below-ground carbon storage, to hiring local workers and obtaining community support. Forest Carbon relies on this technical expertise and a growing pipeline of project opportunities to secure millions in private sector investment for threatened ecosystems.

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