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Kualifikasi Umum

• Master’s degree in communication with 12 years work experience or bachelor’s degree with 15 years work experience.
• Ability and experience in designing creative conference agenda and plan to achieve influential results.
• Ability to develop conference-related procurement plans and execute the plan in the most effective and timely manner.
• Experience and ability in providing troubleshooting on challenges in conference implementation.
• Ability to build effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
• Ability to lead and supervise an Event Organizer to achieve targeted results.
• Ability to design and execute media engagement for the conference publicity and coverage.
• Excellent communication skills and commands in English and Bahasa Indonesia

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

• Develop detailed documents for the summit planning, implementation, and reporting.
• Provide advisory to EGSA on the best and most effective approach for the summit implementation. • Facilitate consultation between USAID, EGSA, and Event Organizer (company) related to summit implementation
• Manage the Event Organizer bidding.
• Oversee the Event Organizer company in implementing the summit.
• Manage the event website management
• Ensure proper management and execution of the summit.

Deskripsi Usaha

EGSA is planning to convene an international investment summit from November 30 to December 2 in Bali, Indonesia. The summit will target an audience of high-level international private sector CEOs as well as others from the public sector. The summit aims to promote trade and investment to support green development in Indonesia and beyond. This scope of work is prepared for the recruitment of an Event Manager consultant to lead the design, planning, implementation, and reporting of the conference.

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