Field Agronomist

Field Agronomist

Kualifikasi Umum

• Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture (Agronomy, Plant Diseases, Plant Diseases Pests, Agrotechnology)

• Minimum 1-year experience as an Agronomist or Field Assistant, preferable in the field of coffee agricultural practices.

• Have knowledge and accustomed to doing research on plant pests and diseases as well as seed technology

• Proficient in communicating to present something complicated in a simpler way using a variety of infographics.

• Have good critical and analytical thinking skills

• Have interpersonal, management, organizational, and observation skills

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

• Manage regular communication with farmers, farmers group,s and Cooperative (Kelompok Usaha Bersama).

• Provide technical assistance to coffee farmers in coffee production and quality aspect.

• Ensuring green coffee delivery meets the required quality level.

• Establish corrective measures with the Factory team for any quality issues.

• Conduct market intelligence to provide information on coffee crops, and social issues.

• Communicate and campaign Sustainability Agriculture Initiative and develop. Cooperation with Coffee Community (Coffee Growers, Farmers Organizations, Research Centers, NGOs, etc.)

• Manage Education and Demonstration Farms to endorse Good Agriculture Practices.

Location : Aceh, Toraja and Enrekang South Sulawesi

Deskripsi Usaha

VARION COFFEE is a coffee processor and coffee beans exporter, located in Aceh, North Sumatra, and West Java. VARION COFFEE believes Indonesia’s origin of coffee has a uniqueness that can not be found in any other coffee origin.

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