Arkora Hydro, All Electricity is Generated by Hydropower

Arkora Hydro Seek Opportunities by Solving Issues in the Green Industry
  • Arkora Hydro is a simple business that constructs factories or power plants that are sold to PLN and then afterwards sold to the public at large.
  • All of Arkora Hydro’s electricity production uses hydropower, a hydro renewable resource.
  • Arkora Hydro remains optimistic about the future of the renewable energy industry and believes Indonesia has a lot of potential to partake in it.

Aldo Henry Artoko, the president director of Arkora Hydro, briefly explained, Arkora Hydro as a simple business that constructs a manufacturing or power plant that is sold to PLN and will be resold later to the public by PLN itself.

Arkora Hydro now operates 17.4-megawatt hydro plants and 15.4-megawatt plants are under construction. The company has 55 MW in total qualified for PLN’s list of selected providers (Daftar Penyedia Terseleksi / DPT) for IPP Hydroelectric power plant as of 2019. Several small- and medium-sized hydropower plant projects are included in the aforementioned 55 MW portfolio. By 2025, Arkora Hydro wants to own 200 MW worth of hydropower facilities.

The objective of Arkora Hydro Power is actually to influence the youth of today, who may not have any interest at all in issues related to renewable energy and the environment at first, then to develop that interest and to recognize the potential of profitable, environmentally sustainable businesses.

Aldo Artoko further emphasized that Arkora Hydro has elements that add to its attraction. In practice, hydropower—a form of renewable energy—is used to generate all electricity. Because they focus on renewable energy sources, their electricity is recognized as environmentally friendly because it can be stated to not contribute to any pollution.

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Here, Arkora Hydro uses a run-of-river hydropower model that derives from a typical river, and the water will flow naturally as before, thus the environmental impact is minimal.

He also clarified how the run-of-river hydro power itself operates, stating that water is drawn from the river, placed in a pipe, and then dropped into a turbine. Potential energy creates kinetic energy in the turbine. The kinetic energy is then converted to electromechanical energy by a generator. The water was ultimately poured back into the river. As a result, it can be said that the water used exclusively came from that river and was discharged back into it, making it a zero net emission scenario.

Gradually, he also shared his experience about his company as well as his beginning point and why he decided to enter the green industry. He acknowledged that his initial love in nature led him to believe that this was the main driver of his interest in this line of work.

He had continued his education in Australia and after graduating he worked there as an engineering consultant for a period. He stated that he received an opportunity to work for a project management school in New York when he was working there. But in the end, he made the decision to seek business opportunities in Indonesia. He is aware that when an issue can be solved, business opportunities can result.

Futhermore, he discusses his belief that there is always a difficult moment when he is or has to go through difficult times first as he faces the challenges of starting a business. Understanding that there is a cost to be paid and considering our willingness to make sacrifices will help us not be shocked when difficult situations arise. “Life is not always sunshine and rainbows”, he added.

Additionally, according to him, it’s essential to allow the right people to be a part of our surroundings. Because they will be an important part of our lives when we are down especially.

He further added that friends have a significant impact on how we think and approach situations. “So, look for the environment that is going to appreciate and like to see your success” as he said.

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As the president director, he believes that Indonesia has a bright future and has a lot of promise. Because the energy transition will be crucial globally as well as in Indonesia eventually.

In responding to new players or competitors, Aldo Artoko stated that he would stick to Arkora Hydro’s vision and mission to maximize existing potential. “If there are other people who guarantee and help Indonesia in building the country together, why not?” so the response. 

At the end, he made sure to address the younger generation who are interested in starting a business in the green sector. “Starting a business must be difficult, but the return must be good when it successfully being achieved. Just stay true to your purpose and keep pushing forward,” Aldo Artoko said. “It’s actually a sexy thing to do since it is the solution to a problem.”


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